Flagged Content Pro

Visitors to your WordPress site can flag, report or provide feedback about posts, comments, forum posts, custom post types and many other types of content.

This plugin creates a button or link on each post, comment, etc. which allows visitors to report or flag it. When a visitor decides to report a post or comment, they click the button created by this plugin on the post and a customizable form appears, allowing the user to detail the issue or problem. The form presented has optional (or mandatory) fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Reason for flagging this content
  • A brief description to detail why the user has flagged this content

The user submits the form and the submission is sent to the admin side to be viewed by site administrators. From here, the administrator can view the flag and view or edit the flagged content.

No longer do you have to worry about missing inappropriate comments, reviews or bbPress forum posts–Let your visitors find and flag them for your review. This plugins backend will organize all flags for your review.

Customize the form and buttons to change the appearance of reporting questionable posts and content to soliciting feedback from users about a post or page.

Compatible with many content types

This plugin will automatically allow many different types of WordPress content to be flagged:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media (Attachments)
  • Custom Post Types – Visitors can flag custom post types added through plugins such as Custom Post Type UI.
  • WordPress comments – Includes systems using WordPress comments.
  • WooCommerce products and reviews – Visitors can flag products and the reviews within a product.
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Visitors can flag downloads.
  • bbPress – Visitors can flag topics and replies under a single topic page.
  • GeoDirectory places and reviews – The flagging button appears within the profile section (default configuration).

Flagged Content Pro is lightweight

Performance on WordPress matters. Flagged Content Pro is built to minimize resource usage. The plugin runs when it needs to. Avoids burdening each page request with needless scripts/files/processing.


Customizable forms

  • Collect reasons and details from the visitor about why they chose to flag the content.
  • Different forms can be used for different types of content. For example, customize the forms so visitors only need to select a reason for flagging a comment, but must enter a description when flagging a post or page.
  • Stylize: Many different options to stylize how users flag an item. Add an icon, alter the label, change the colors of the button, choose how it is placed, and so on.
  • Limit who can flag: Let everyone flag or restrict it to only logged in users.
  • Hide content after it has been flagged a certain number of times.

Email notifications

  • The plugin can send out email notifications to administrators when a visitor submits a flag.
  • Customize the notifications. The notifications can have their subject and body customized to include different types of information.
  • A limit how often email notifications are sent. Perhaps a notification should only be sent if a comment has been flagged 2 or more times.

Informative Admin Experience

  • Admin page centralizes and lists all flags submitted for the site.
  • Admin page shows the name, IP address of who submitted the flag and the date.
  • Admin page displays the item that was flagged and allows the administrator to easily view or edit the post.

Flag status

  • Flags default to pending status, and can be deleted to keep the list of flags page clean and organized, or they can be marked as completed for future reference.

Spam protection

  • Attempts to prevent flagging by bots through several different measures.

Mobile device support

  • The form is responsive and will change to suit mobile devices.


Being a paid plugin customer entitles you to help when you need it and gives you a voice in improving the plugin.

  • Tutorials: Quickly gets you running with easy to follow tutorials.
  • Support tickets: Submit support tickets to quickly resolve issues.
  • Feature requests: Submit feature requests for future development.


This plugin has been tested with WordPress 4.5.3+ and PHP 5.6.25. Lower versions may be supported, but it’s not guaranteed.