Admin Tag UI

Admin Tag UI improves the tag sections found in the admin add and edit post pages.

The goal of the plugin is to improve the interface for the selection of tags while adding or editing posts. The WordPress tag interface is great when only a few tags can be selected from. However, as the site grows and more tags are available to be chosen from, we felt the interfaces becomes cluttered and restrictive. It becomes too easy to miss tags since the WordPress interface doesn’t show all existing tags. It also becomes a chore to skim through tags presented through a cloud style which bunches them together and changes font sizes based on usage. Again, the default WordPress tag interface is great for smaller sites, we just felt few small improvements were necessary for larger tag lists.

Main Improvements

  • Shows all tags instead of just the most used
  • Displays tags in 2 a list style within 2 columns
  • Highlights tags as you select them

Other Changes

  • Increased font size
  • Removed the growing/shrinking font size
  • Removed the jump up to the the Add tag field after clicking on a tag
  • Automatically reveals the tags without having to click to reveal them
  • For selected tags, hovering over the remove (X) iicon highlights the entire tag

A settings page is included to allowing changes to be tweaked or to keep certain changes as the WordPress default.